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May 31, 2010

My New Blog

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It’s a busy lifestyle running a compnay, and as part of improving our brand at Sharing Minds.  I will be moving my blog in the next few weeks.  Once complete you’ll find my blog at  However at the moment you can find the raw blog at

I’ll be sure to post again once i’ve completed the application of the Sharing Minds master page and put the propoer URL in place.


April 7, 2010

Commentary: Australian Government Filtering Our Internet

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For some time now it’s been on our radars, however at the moment with elections being talked about, discussions around content classification for video games and the implementation that just isn’t happening for the National Broadband Network (NBN), it appears that this could all be superseded by the implementation of an national content filter that would contain block access to certain sites and/or pages on a web site.

This morning I read the following article , and I am wondering if this is the first step to a Big Brother society being setup here in Australia. In the proposed filtering scenario being presented by the government, it comes across to me as a very small step from filtering certain ‘inappropriate’ sites to censoring free speech. It also makes me wonder due to the ‘secret’ nature of the blacklist that has been leaked, do the owners of these blocked pages have a right of reply to the blocking of their content?

I would think it would be a much smarter move for the government to provide an opt-in filter (as I was understanding was the original proposal) where an ISP subscriber could request the filtered view of the internet as opposed to the filtered list being pushed on everyone. Had I small children in my home, I would view that this is a great tool to work in conjunction to an internet connection. However I quote now from a comment written in the above article:

“When in public, one has a right not to be presented with commonly considered offensive sights, sounds or smells. When in the privacy of one’s own home, such issues don’t arise because one is in control of the environment. You are in control of what comes into your house via selective providers, or your own filters, not to forget the simple off switch if it all gets to be too much. However, the idea that big brother will protect you, and willingly asking him to do so, is far more offensive a threat to my well being than what I am supposedly being protected from. Who will protect me from my protector?”

In the definition of Refused Content (RC – See here) or other such categories of content, how are we being ensured of the right web sites being blocked, the following is an interesting article, however I once again have found the comments a more interesting read around how people are reacting to news of this ISP filtering.

In closing this commentary off, the question of should the Australian Government be filtering our internet site is still to be answered, my view is No they shouldn’t, an individual should have the right to choose in the privacy of their own home. However my belief is that the Australian Government is going to put this filtering in place regards of what people say, or whether it is the right or wrong thing to do. and just like the promises that are always made by government when the change something, or tell us it won’t be used for ‘that purpose’ it will be, let’s just hope that there can be a level of transparency not secrecy in our government…

December 15, 2006

Working “The Classic Week”

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Every year my wife Olivia and I head down to Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast and work on a fantastic event called “The Classic Week”  This time round we only have the chance to work for three days,  The really cool thing about this event is that I am writting this blog entry using a very cool 3G wireless device.  Sitting on the ‘3’ network I am getting quite good speeds while general browsing and term serving into my home network the screen refresh rate is fantastic.  I’ll see what details I can find out about these things and post soon…

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