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September 11, 2009

Tech Ed 2009 Day 2 Thoughts

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Well the day after is always a little harder (especially when you have been doing late night ‘networking’ every night since Monday), but thinking back on the second day of Tech Ed here on the Gold Coast it was an interesting day. Firstly I should note that I didn’t make it to a single session yesterday L. But I did hear a lot of what was happening in each session through the Twittersphere…

I personally spent a lot of the day once again catching-up and meeting people all around the convention centre, with such a concentration of people all around the place I found someone to chat too everyone few steps. I found that a great tool for finding people was using the OCS R2 client that we have been given on our HP Mini Notes, If I noticed (usually on Twitter) someone around me I found it easy to ping them over OCS and say “Let’s Meet”).

About the only not so good thing for the day, was a couple of people complaining about the event and the Internet connection. This really irked me. I think the Microsoft and all the guys involved arranging this event have done a fantastic job arranging it. Jorke in particular leading the technical deployment and Infrastructure is a legend. With over 2,500 laptops handed out and working on a wireless network the configuration required is incredible. My only hope is that the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas next month runs as smoothly as Tech Ed has run. Well done guys!

The big event for this Tech Ed was if course the Dream World (#DWParty) part where all of the Tech Ed delegates took over ½ the park. I believe that I was lucky to be one of the first into the park and managed to get onto a number of rides early before the lines got too large. This included: Cyclone (Roller-coaster), Alien vs. Predator (Laser Skirmish), The Claw (rotating pendulum), MotoGP (Roller-coaster), Various Arcade games (Time Crisis, Air Hockey, Dance-Dance Revolution, etc) and a few other rides that I don’t recall the name of. I liked the fact that all around the park in most area’s that I wandered there were food and drink stations was good, although I did get a number of almost flat beers. If there was one thing that was somewhat disappointing it was the entertainment. While the rides were great there was very little roving entertainment or something that pulled us altogether. this would have really solidified the event in my view. At this point I have to laugh as one of the rides that was open was a controlled surfing event. I saw some ‘interesting’ attempts to ride the wave, however one guy really threw himself into body surfing the wave which was awesome. I sat with this guy (can’t remember his name) on the bus home and it was great to hear his perspective on the (wave) ride and the overall event.

Following on into the evening, Moo Moo’s has been the bar to be at, and last night was once again, with a few good drinks, meeting even more people (I love Tech Ed for this) and discussions around the event and its people, myself and a few hardy souls moved onto a night club (called Platinum) around midnight. I think I’ll leave the rest for in-person conversations…

So overall Day 2 of Tech Ed was once again a great event, lots of good things going on and people to talk too.


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