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June 2, 2008

The Poor State of Broadband

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I must admit that I am currently feeling quite frustrated at the poor state of broadband in my beloved country of Australia. Too make matters even worse this is an age old issue that all Australian citizens appear to come across, everyone knows how bad it is, some of us complain about it. Companies and Governments say they are going to do things about it, yet nothing changes!

To put a little more context around this I have recently started my own business and I wish to upgrade my Internet connect to something a little more suited to a work from home technology business. Currently I have a ADSL 1500/256 account that has severed my ok (not great but no great issues) and to upgrade to a nice fast ADSL 2+ account would be great. If I look on Whirlpool (one if Australia’s best broadband review sites) then I find that my local exchange is full but Telstra has ADSL 2+ ability, frustrating as I do not want to use Telstra as they are not what I need from a service provider. However If I look at other service provider sites I find that my area has been enabled for ADLS 2+. And thus my frustration comes full circle.

I guess I have a few questions, but I don’t know how to answer them as everyone has a different answer.

  1. How is the space issue at exchanges being addressed?
  2. This space issues appears common among many exchanges for extended periods of time, what is being done (is anything)?
  3. Is there a way to find out what and when exchanges are going to be upgraded?
  4. Why is it that the exchange owners can upgrade their exchange but other providers cannot?


This is something that is really frustrating and I get further frustrated that my 3G card (a mobile connection) is faster than my old ADSL connection. Come on world I just want at high speed broadband connection at home so I can do business.


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