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November 29, 2007

The use of 64bit MOSS

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With all the new 64 bit architecture now available it is even easier these days to implement your server applications of a x64 platform. But in the case of a MOSS implementation should an orginiation look to use 64 Bit MOSS or should they stick with the tried and true 32 Bit platform? These are questions which get passed around the forums at my work on a regular basis and include topics such as:

  • 32 vs. 64 bit performance
  • 64 Bit information architecture
  • Disaster Recovery on the 64 Bit platform
  • 64 Bit application integration (adobe I-filters are a big one here)

There are of course a lot of variables which should go into the choice of platform architecture and myself I lean towards a 64-bit architecture where possible. But if your interested to know more Joel Olsen has written a nice little blog post that has some very valid opinions you can view it here

If you are looking at making the choice between 64 or 32 bit architectures then my only piece of advice is to look at what is going to give you implementation more stability and longevity from a user perspective in the long run. The rest is just technology…


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  1. Hi Adam,
    In my article : i talk about moving to a 64 bit environment for moss. I will be writing up something soon about building a Windows 2008 X64 MOSS dev workstation.


    Comment by Aaron Saikovski — February 13, 2008 @ 8:01 am | Reply

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