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August 16, 2007

Tech-Ed 2007

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Last week I was fortunate to be in attendance at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2007 on the fabulous Gold Coast. It was a great few days and I meet a lot of great people. Some of the highlights for me from Tech-Ed included:

  • KeyNote & LockNote, while not quite what I was expecting from Tech-Ed these two sessions focused on bringing in industry leading individuals to talk about their areas of expertise (film and forensics). I think more cool tech would have been a better focus.
  • My first look into Titan (CRM 4.0). Titan is due late this year from what I understand and this year at Tech-Ed they had demonstrations around the product. What really excited me was the potential to integrate with SharePoint around Business Intelligence and reporting. One of the sessions I went to showed some of Titan’s reporting capabilities but didn’t show us much under the hood!
  • Working with Site Definitions in MOSS 2007. While an interesting session I later in the evening at the Tech Influencer Party I got to hang around with Milan Gross the presenter. Milan is a great guy who understands a lot around both the technology and business side of SharePoint implementations. Plus he drinks Rum!
  • User Interface Design – This was the first session on the last day (always the hardest to attend) and while I turned up late I found this to be an interesting session around some of the different POV around UI deign. One of the major things was the view between PC’s and Macs where the submit button should be on a form…
  • The Tech-Ed Party – Famous around the world, Microsoft always put on a awesome party for Tech-Ed. This year was no exception! Held at Movie World most of the rides were open, actors running round and plenty of food and drink. Hanging out with an old friend we had a great time.
  • Adam’s Technology Walk – Just as croc Dundee went walkabout so did I during one of the late afternoon sessions. It was really interesting to see the companies that had booths, everyone from small project management companies to education providers to System Integrators. Some of the notable companies I talked to included:, Quest Software, Palm, Readify, InfoPlex, AvePoint, Commvault and of course Avanade!
  • The BDC and Line of Business Data – one of the most interesting presentations I saw, but one of the hardest ones to concentrate being just after lunch and a really hot room. Mike Fitz presented some really interesting content around configuration of the BDC and talked about the new Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Editor that will be release in the very near future!
  • Managing User Groups – Presented by Greg Low, this was a great event that discussed the good, the bad and the ugly of managing a user group. Being the owner of the Brisbane SharePoint Users Group I found this a very interesting session, it was also interesting to both see and hear from some of the other user group leaders from around the country.
  • Office Security – attending this session with another Avanade fellow, this was a really interesting session around rights management in office documents. While the first half was very light on the second half got into some new tools for rights management including the OMPM and LIS. In time I believe we will see more and more of this in our office deployments (and MOSS as well)
  • Windows 2008 High Availability – while not a focused office or SharePoint session I ended up jumping into this session half way though and by the end I was really disappointed I missed the first half. The session focused on creating high availability windows server 2008 environments (clusters) and there are so many new and cool tools and abilities in this that I can’t wait to play with it further. The standout feature in this session was the ability use a shared drive as a quorum drive for a cluster in place of shared storage (i.e. SAN). Funky stuff!

Tech-Ed 2007 was a great experience and as one of my first public presentations (outside the Brisbane SharePoint Users Group) I really got a lot out of this conference.


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