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January 23, 2007

Not Enough Time…

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It’s been a little while since my last blog post, and it hasn’t been due to lack of interesting area’s I’ve been working on. Largely it’s because I have too much to do and blogging is just one thing that always gets pushed down the pile when I get busy.

One of the really interesting things that I am working on currently is a project with Sunsuper to assist them further developing their SharePoint technology deployment. Currently they have a SharePoint 2003 deployment which was put in place while they were still coming to understand the portal paradigm. Admittedly there is still a process of defining going on however now that the initial deployment is done they are in a great position to move into the SharePoint 2007 stack of applications with a really solid yet flexible knowledge base.

As well I am still working with Dimension Data assisting with all things SharePoint (and then a little infrastructure). Busy, busy, busy! The great thing is that both Sunsuper and DiData are across the road from one another so it’s not much of a walk between the two…

On the community front the Brisbane SharePoint Users Group (BSPUG) is starting up with it’s first meeting in a couple of weeks so i’m back into touching base with members doing coffee to encourage them in the community and arranging speakers and offers. On the fantastic news front this year I have some budget to work with meaning that I can purchase a few niceties for the group rather than pulling it out of my own pocket!

And I’m also just about to kick off V-LAN, a monthly Community LAN for the gamers of Brisbane. This should be awesome but it has been taking up a lot of time…


– Building a House (kicking off within 30 days)

  • Taking over young adults groups
  • Trying to get overseas for a holiday

Big Year, No time


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