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December 21, 2006

Life, Death & Life Again

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Last week was a little bit of a pain for me, Without warning last week my domain controller / Exchange server which has faithfully served me for about 3 years suddenly died! Admittedly The box has been a little unstable for about 3months now since I did the last round of updates. But my plan was to upgrade the box over my Christmas down time when there is not too much happening. At least there was no hardware that fired (I’m happy about that!). Also a positive is that I have managed to move everything into a more clearly defined architecture so its not all bad. To give you an idea here is a quick look at my to comparative network configurations:

Yes there is quite a difference. Before I had both domain and exchange sitting on a little old laptop. While there was nothing wrong with this setup when it was just me playing around, it has become apparent that I needed a better solution for domain and mail services as I work closer with the community. Also before the death I had my web server sitting as a virtual server on small development box, once again this worked OK for me as I was just hosting but now I host a couple of sites it doesn’t quite make the grade.

Now I’ve rebuilt everything from the base up I’ve changed the strategy that will hopefully fit for another couple of years. I am still restricted by hardware since I am just an individual however as you can see in the diagram above I’ve gotten rid of the little laptop! First I’ve built a dedicated virtual server to host a couple of servers for me. This server hosts the domain controller and web server (plus a couple of others) and is dedicated to this task. I virtualized the domain controller mainly because I can adjust the amount of RAM being used by the server as needed and the server itself doesn’t do much more than authentication and DNS. I virtualized the web server for similar reasons but also for the ability to use undo disks. If anything ever happens to my server from the web side all I have to do is restore the server back to it original state and I’m up and running in 20min’s not 2 days!

So at the moment my network lives again!


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