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October 12, 2006


Filed under: SharePoint Technology — adamclark @ 2:30 pm

At the moment I am fortunate to have a little down time between projects,  While I have this time I am spending a lot of time reading through various sources of information on MOSS 2007.  One thing that I am finding particularly interesting is the introduction of the term ‘social networking’ and ‘web 2.0’.  From what I can pickup around the concept this is gradual movement of business and personal data to online stores for presentation, re-purposing or just plain storage.  But where the real social networking comes into it is the interaction of users with these online stores.  With the addition of technologies such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Blog sites such as Word Press and video sites such as the much talked about You Tube people are at last beginning to move from their comftable ‘my documents’ stores and truly beginning to interact with each other.  In my view these technologies (which have been around for some time now) are no longer just in the domain of the technoloy elite (us Geeks) but young and old alike. 

These multi-purpose, multi-user environment with the wealth of contnet they are holding for the basis of my social networking comment. In my browsing to understand social networking and where SharePoint technology begins to fit into this new movment online I have come accross this great article on Online Communites from Lawarence Liu’s Blog.  It’s a good read.

As far as where MOSS 2007 fits into the whole picture I can see that the product has a great general fit, blogs, wiki’s, document libraries, custom lists and fantastic Office integration there is no dobut that MOSS can make a much greater community contribution than ever before. 


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