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October 11, 2006

When old hardware fries

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In an effort to ensure that my personal network is ready for the next release of Microsoft applications and back end servers I have slowly been rebuilding my nextwork over the past few months.  My personal network at home consists of a number of ‘old’ workstations ranging from out of data Dell laptops to my fathers old retired PIII.  I basicly take these old out of date systems throw in a couple of new large Hard Drives, up the memeory, add a couple of network cards and suddenly i’ve got myself a basic server to host my network…  The only problem is that it IS old hardware and sometimes can die at the worst times.

Yesterday I took the day off so my wife and I could do a little running around for personal reasons, and while I had a few spare hours in the morning I thought I would begin the next stage of my network upgrades which included changing out the RAM in two old workstations and modifying the hard drive configuration in both.  When I powered these workstations down I noticed that the PSU’s where hot but not too bad so I set to work changing the items I needed to change.  with a little under an hours work I had both boxes ready to go and I even had a little time to make sure everything Looked the part as well.  So I go and plug it all in and WHAT NO POWER! 

So after spending some time going through the power cords and ensuring there was nothing wrong I cam to the conslusion that the PSU’s must have something wrong.  Opening them up they were all black inside… Now one of these PSU’s were quite old so I wasn’t too worried, these things happen.  But the other PSU was less then 3months old.  It appears that the mothboard I had was killing the PSU’s.  So after all that I now have to buy some new parts here is what I ended up getting!

  • Power Supply 350W (ATX) x2
  • AMD Sempron 3300 Processor Retail(Socket 754)(64Bit)
  • Gigabyte K8VM800M VIA K8M800 chipset Motherboard(socket 754)
  • Western Digital 80G SATA 7200 rpm HDD

This was this was the base that I bought, not the best spec thats out there but a decent replacement for the system that died and all for $200.00

On top of this though I have purchased a couple of extra items to help support these items

  • 1024M (single stick) PC3200 DDR RAM Kingston/Kingmax
  • Coolermaster 4-in-3 Device Module for CM stacker STB-3T4-E1

 Hopefully this is going to get me though the next 12months and let me run all the new Microsoft backend products to some degree!


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