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October 9, 2006

MOSS 2007 Styles, Themes and Site Def’s

Filed under: SharePoint 2007 — adamclark @ 10:36 am

Currently working with the MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) beta I am having to opportunity to work on some custom ‘look & feel’ items for the site.  From what I have observed from others that are working with MOSS there apears to be some aprehensiveness (spelt right?) around how to apply the custom look and feel.  So here is my point of view on where they apply

  • Style Sheets – Able to be applied to a single page or over a site (through the master template). Ability to quickly impliment, but the Portal and WSS sides both inherit styles in different ways
  • Themes – Also able to be applied to a single page or over a site.  Theme’s contain style sheets + content (ie images) specific to the theme. More time is required to setup a theme but it can been applied accross both Portal and WSS sites if created correctly!
  • Site Definitions – The ulitmate look and feel.  Site Definitions can set the entire layout for a page or a site from including style sheets and its own master template variations through to including custom built controls that are automaticly applied when a site using the site definition is deployed.  The draw back to using a site definition is that people are still learning how to use them in MOSS and they take a large amount of time to get up and running. the advantage is flexibility!

Over the next few weeks while I get to know MOSS a little better, i’ll post a little more and more than likely i’m going to put together a presentation to present at the BSPUG!


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