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October 9, 2006

Beta, Beta, Beta (and throw in an RC or two)

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Sometimes you just have to laugh,  This coming year we are going to see so many new products come out on the market.  The biggest of course is going to be Microsoft Vista.  But supporting vista we have all the desktop and backend server applications that we increase functionality (in the long run is my guess), anyway i’m off topic…

Recently I bought a new laptop and with that I was talking to my  MS usergroup rep who mentioned that I should be running  Windows Vista RC 1 (build 5600) so having a nice new laptop I have – check!

Now since I do a lot of work with SharePoint and look after the Brisbane SharePoint Users Group I also thought that I should be running up the new Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh – Check!

Now since I am running vista and I want to run MOSS 2007 in a clean server environment on my laptop I need to load up either Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Virtual Server.  I have chosen Virtual Server becuase A. i’m not sure that Virutal PC has ANY support on vista yet. and B. I want to have a closer look at how IIS 7 (Beta) works in vista!  Now in that you can’t just load up the current Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 you have to load the new Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Beta… Check!

So here I am waiting for the Virtual Server Beta to finish downloading and load yet another beta on my brand new laptop, I honestly don’t know how healthy this is for everything that I am working on but at the moment I have no choice.  But perhaps I am painting this portrait with a few too many dark colours.  My expereince with these beta products from the RC’s and Tech Refreshes onwards have been great. I love the smooth UI and potential for the knowladge workers or the world to have all the information they require at the tips of their fingers through technology like RSS feeds, sidebar widgets and content queries (SharePoint), but at the same time I think that over the next 12 months we (I am mainly refering to tech’s here) are in for some growth pain as these products emerge into the market and begin thier true maturity cycle!


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